Online Case Studies for the Moving Business and more. Blog Roundup: March 2018

In this marketing roundup, we have put together the choicest articles from our various blogs written in March 2018.

We have 3 Case Studies on websites that Pigtail Pundits has executed. Plus 5 articles on content marketing and branding, largely on packers and movers that have appeared on our blog.

Case Studies on Website Builds

  1. The Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa: India’s most scenic and award-winning spa at Shillim gets a face-lift.

  2. Writer Information: One of India’s largest information management companies elevates its position.

  3. CDC Pools takes pool remodelling in AZ several notches higher with revamped website.

  4. For the fourth time in 18 years, Hamilton Wallace of asked Pigtail Pundits to help. Read what happened with the revamp.

Blogs on Branding & Content Marketing

5 examples of brilliant, imaginative content in the packers and movers industry.

This article bemoans the lack of good content in the moving industry in India and then shows you shining beacons of content that can inspire you.

True or False: Design is highly overrated on the web in 2018?

Design is overhyped on the web. There is enough evidence around to show that those who test it often enough end up with minimal design and persuasive copy. Check it out and form your own opinion.

Content Marketing on gets a new boost.

Pigtail Pundits has been appointed to manage the content marketing for Glovve, India’s first marketplace for moving. Read about it.

What can international Schools learn from the Moving Business?

We have done the websites and marketing for both types of businesses. In this article, we outline what schools can learn from the moving business when it comes to content marketing.

How would Sherlock Holmes select Packers and Movers when he moves from Mumbai to Manchester?

Sherlock understands that the upshot of lack of clarity up front when you move is that you pay for it in retrospect - delayed consignments, overcharging, missing items, damaged merchandise, and more.

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