The How, What and Why of Content Marketing

The How, What and Why of Content Marketing When was the last time you heard someone talk about the benefits of content marketing? In this digital age, we hear of so many small business owners who took their business to another level with content marketing

7 Advantages of Data-Driven Content

How can I improve my content’s search engine rankings? It’s a question all marketing experts ask and now it’s one that can be answered: with data-driven content optimization. While the success of online content used to be largely left to chance, it is now

SEO World Rankings 2019

Every year, Google makes changes to its ranking algorithm and introduces new features to its search engine results pages. These affect the search experience for users around the world and cause websites to either rise up or fall down the rankings. To keep

2019 Content Industry Trends

Episode Overview We’re thrilled to be hosting Robert Rose, the Content Marketing Institute’s Chief Strategist and one of the Content Marketing Industry’s leading thinkers. In this episode, Ben and Robert discuss the growing fragmentation

Eight tools you need for backlink generation

According to a study by Backlinko, the number of domains linking to a webpage “correlated with rankings more than any other factor”. The post Eight tools you need for backlink generation appeared first on Search Engine Watch.