WordPress Fixes

Pesky theme issues in your WordPress Blog, or CMS, driving you mad?

  • You have installed a WordPress template, premium or free, and you wish to modify a few things in the css which isn’t to your liking. You need help.
  • You have bought a paid WordPress theme, and you wish to fix the menus, and the JQuery sliders to your liking. In fact, you wish to change quite a few things, but don’t know how.
  • You fancy a particular Jquery Slider for you WordPress website, but need help to carry it off on your site.
  • You know your way around WordPress for the most part, but there are some CSS issues you just can’t seem to handle. Or don’t want to.
  • You have fixed most of your WordPress site yourself but have issues with regard to cross-browser testing. Eg, the site doesn’t look good on Safari, or Internet Explorer.
  • Your Blog looks broken, and you just don’t have time to fix some of your WordPress site issues. You could do with expert help.
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  • You’re a digital entrepreneur and you need to focus on new business, without having to worry about fixing niggling issues for yourself, or your clients. But you know that it’s important to do this for business continuity. You need a trusted partner who will do this for you regularly, so that you look good in front of your clients.
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4 Simple Steps to fix your WordPress site

Fill up our Free Quote Form

  • Explain your problem in detail. Do use URL references to illustrate your issues and show us what you want.
  • Do pass us your administration details and FTP co-ordinates, so that we don’t waste time to-ing and fro-ing for your WordPress fixes.
  • The Free Quote Form on our site is on secured SSL, so your details are safe with us. Plus, you can trust PleaseFixMySite without any worry.
    Clients from across the world, do it.
  • Our WordPress Design Team will assess your fixes, and suggest the most cost-effective marketing workaround for it.
  • If we need any clarifications, we’ll be happy to ask you, via email, or via voice on Skype
  • At the end of this, you will get a detailed quote.
  • Once the project is completed to your satisfaction, you pay the balance 50% again via PayPal advise.
  • You need to deposit a 50% advance via the PayPal payment advice which we send you.
  • Once your deposit is in, we start work and advise you on its completion. For longer projects we will inform you daily on what’s up with your project.
  • Once your project is completed, we give it to you for testing. We will always standby for any issues that you may have.

How you get charged for your WordPress Fix

  • We won’t fret

    over your project size.

  • Many of the projects we handle are an hour’s work or less.
    We’re even happy to not charge for fixes which are too easy for us.
  • We will give you an honest estimate,

    as a matter of principle.

  • Every estimate is checked by multiple people, before it’s sent to you. We ensure that the time we quote you, is exactly the time we take to execute the fixes, or complete the project. If we err here, rest assured that it would be in your favor, never ours.
  • All the fixes and work

    we do for you
    are charged by the hour

  • It will cost you just $ 30 minimum, for each hour expended. Less than an hour fixes are common with us. This means that you only pay for what is executed for you. No more, no less.
  • We offer Express Service,

    without express charges.

  • We are express in our fix turnarounds. We do this at no extra charge to you. In fact, most of our clients are wowed by our speed of fixing. The secret behind it is our deep experience, and care with working on your live site. After all, your business can’t afford to be down for too long. While we can’t promise speed all the time, as a rule, we deliver express.
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Why PleaseFixMySite is your best option

to fix your WordPress website

With PleaseFixMySite, you get pedigreed digital marketing agency with 16 years of deep web expertise, and marketing communications skills, to focus on your small business.

We are a multi-disciplinary team of 20: with marketing, communications, graphic design, content & copy, search & social media, technology & usability experts.

We have built, and promoted 100s of hand-coded WordPress CMSs, Joomla CMSs and Drupal websites for clients in USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Europe and more. For both, large and small businesses.

Full-featured company websites, doctor websites, microsites, e-stores for jewellery/ plastic ware/ handicrafts/ documentary films, legal portals and more. Do check out our work.

We have long-standing clients and partner relationships, across the world, and in India, and would be happy to have you on board too as a partner.

You can rest assured that we will bring the same expertise and care, that we lavish on large web accounts, to your small business website projects. Your website fix is assuredly in the best hands.

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