The Fixers

All the goodness of a big agency, at the cost of a freelancer

Web design and development today is the skillful orchestration of many different and varied disciplines. Strategy, usability, graphic design, copy, HTML/CSS, Javascript, CMS, project management, search engine marketing, analytics and more come together in a beautiful dance to create visual impact and desired user action.

Pigtail Team

Then doesn’t it make sense to trust an agency which has people with all these requisite skills with your projects rather than to individual freelancers.But what worries you is the cost, isn’t it?

PleaseFixMySite rids you of all your worries. With over 20 skilled professionals from multiple disciplines, you can be assured that your project gets the best attention. It doesn’t matter how small, or large it is. PleaseFixMySite is a Pigtail Pundits’ property. Pigtail Pundits is founded by Rajesh Khanna and Krishna Unni.

Fifteen Years

Add to this the experience of over 15 years on the web, managing projects of different magnitudes. The richness that comes from servicing clients all over the world for over 10 years now, skills that you would find only at large agencies, are now at the disposal of small and medium businesses.

Our mission is not just to solve our clients’ problems, but to do so quickly and efficiently. In order to adhere to that principle, we make sure that we go an extra mile in mastering our craft with dedication, so our clients get a satisfying experience.

Our services are now available for FIXES – small or large.

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