What the heck, we’ll fix it for you!

For over 13 years now, we have been fixing web sites for our clients.

You know things such as:

  • Can you modify the template which I have bought and add some nifty JavaScript to it?
  • Can you integrate a shopping cart with my website?
  • Can you add a Newsletter system to the website?
Fixation Caffein

Quality Web Development help for Web Designers. Less caffeine and nicotine, assured.

Being an independent web entrepreneur – web developer, or designer is tough these days. Regardless of how productive, or capable your are. The reason is that the business has grown to something more than what a single person, or even a small team of people can handle.

Add 20 new brains as your development back-up. In 20 seconds.

Web Design and Development today is a complex dance of many different disciplines. Worse, with the rapid progress of technology, it’s getting increasingly more complicated.
As a single web entrepreneur, or small web agency, you already know that. The issue is how do you deal with this increasing complexity? And what is the kind of help that you can rely on to deal with this complexity, effectively?

Fixation Caffein

Modify Template Image, CSS and add some nifty JQuery to the site

The designer wanted us to do the following:

  • Modify a bought template: Small modifications to the template design and css based on a psd which was sent
  • Add a Jquery slideshow to the Home Page to make it look snazzy
  • Add Jquery Galleries to the artist’s work pages to showcase the portfolio
  • Finish the site